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what is hongcho - all about hongcho wht is hongcho good for you - benefits of hongcho
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what is hongcho - all about hongcho made with our 40 years of fermentation technology hongcho is our unique brand name for drink mix concentrate with vinegar. it is a fruity, trangy, refreshing multipurpose drink mix concentrate that has all the health benefits of pomegranate / blueberry / blackberry and vinegar in one refreshing bottle.
haccp hongcho is produced from an haccp certified facility after yeast fermentation(1st stage of filtering) after fermentation(2nd stage of filtering) manufacturing process(1st pasteurization) manufacturing process(3rd stage of filtering) manufacturing process(4th stage of filtering) manufacturing process(5th stage of filtering) packaging process(2nd pasteurization) packaging process(inspection) packaging process(5 imaging detector inspection)
why is hongcho good for you - benefits of hongcho hongcho can be an addition to your everyday healthier life benefits of vinegar 01 vinegar may help support the rate of digestion 02 vinegar may have antiglycemic properties, and therefore, may help to maintain bloodsugar levels with a high glycemic load meal 03 helps absorption of an essential nutrient citation - - - - - -
vital quencher! so refreshing hongcho's super fruit flavors - pomegranate, blueberry, blackberry - are packed with antioxidnat properties. hongcho hongcho contains the finest vinegar. benefits of vinegar have been sweeping the world, from Asia to America. hongcho is the first product of its kind and a delicious way to enjoy all the health benefits of vinegar.
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